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12 best AI marketing tools to grow your businesses in 2024

As we all know, there is a tonne of Brands out there which are doing absolutely amazing work with AI such as the biggest brands like Google, IBM, and Airbnb are using AI marketing tools to gain a competitive edge. So, We’ve Listed some of the best AI marketing tools on the market so that you grow your business.
The amazing art of marketing has been unbelievably changed by the invention of AI software. Thousands of these tools have showing up in recent years, so it is tricky to know which of them will bring best value for your businesses.

What is the use of AI in marketing? 
As of 2024, marketing is all been done by almost automation and AI's help. It is all about data and information about your competitors, market trends, and on what your customers are saying or expecting about your product. There’s a world of information out there but it’s difficult to manually check them all out.  Due to revolution of AI, this process is much easier now. Tasks are done quickly, and at scale. So, we all can nail the market with our product through the help of AI.

It’s obvious that you gonna use more than one AI-powered software solution for your marketing. In fact, most data manipulation tools now use the power of machine-learning and automation to achieve impressive results at scale. Here we are explaining exactly what some of most advanced AI marketing tools are and there functions also what are their roles and policies. 

12 best AI marketing tools to get ahead rapidly in the market:

1. Notion AI (for scaling productivity) 
2. Lexica Art (Just for blog thumbnails)
3. Surfer SEO (SEO content writing)
4. Zapier (Task automating)
5. Grammarly (Content editing)
6. Chatfuel (for chatbots)
7. (for digital advertising)
8. Browse AI (Scarping web pages)
9.'s AI Sales Email Assistant (for email replies)
10. Brand24 (for monitoring media)
11. PhotoRoom (Image backgrounds remover)
12. Influencity (Influencer marketing)


1. Notion AI (Enhancing Productivity) 
Notion AI is a powerful new feature added to the popular Notion productivity platform. This AI tool makes managing tasks in Notion much simpler by allowing you to ask questions in plain English about your workspace, including notes, projects, documents, and wikis. Notion AI responds with the relevant information, acting like a built-in personal assistant.


Additionally, Notion AI assists with writing, brainstorming ideas, and automatically filling out tables, significantly reducing the manual effort required. This feature is available for $8 or $10 per member per month, depending on whether you opt for annual or monthly billing, and can be added to any paid or free Notion plan.
Notion is committed to data privacy and security, encrypting your data and complying with GDPR. The AI only uses customer data for training if you choose to opt in. There is a free trial with a limited number of responses based on your workspace membership, and future plans include expanding the AI’s capabilities. By integrating seamlessly with Notion’s existing features, Notion AI enhances organization and efficiency, allowing you to focus on more meaningful tasks.


2. Lexica Art (Creating Blog Thumbnails) 
Lexica Art is an exceptional AI image generator known for producing highly realistic images. It is particularly useful for creating marketing content, including blog thumbnail images. 


Lexica Art allows you to generate images that align with specific brand guidelines by using and saving various prompts. Some brands also utilize this tool for their social media posts, making it a great alternative to standard stock images for blog thumbnails.


3. Surfer SEO (Optimizing SEO Content) 
Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool designed to improve search engine rankings. As you write, Surfer SEO evaluates and scores your content based on keyword density, readability, length, and use of headers, among other factors.


To get started, you select your domain, niche, and target audience. Surfer SEO then provides insights by highlighting top-ranking keywords, suggesting content outlines, and defining image density. You can write directly within Surfer SEO’s text editor or use it to analyze existing content. Real-time feedback helps you improve your SEO as you edit. Surfer SEO integrates with tools like Jasper, WordPress, and Google Docs, and is trusted by companies like FedEx, Shopify, Qantas, and Viacom.


4. Zapier (Automating Tasks) 
Zapier acts as a bridge between various systems, allowing you to create automations and marketing workflows. By linking actions across different platforms, Zapier saves time, boosts efficiency, and reduces repetitive tasks. 


These custom workflows, called “Zaps,” can be created without any coding knowledge and over 3,000 integrations are available. Zapier’s AI interprets signals to trigger processes quickly and efficiently, providing significant time savings. Support resources include a blog, webinars, a no-code community, and Zapier University for training.


5. Grammarly (Editing Content) 
Grammarly enhances your writing by analyzing content for grammatical correctness and clarity. Unlike Hemingway, which focuses on style, Grammarly adheres to traditional grammar and syntax rules. It works across various applications, such as Gmail, Word, Twitter, and Facebook, highlighting errors and suggesting corrections. 


Grammarly goes beyond grammar and punctuation, offering word choice alternatives and identifying redundant words and inconsistencies. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Forbes, Grammarly is a valuable tool for improving writing quality.


6. Chatfuel (Building Chatbots) 
Chatfuel enables you to create custom chatbots without purchasing an off-the-shelf solution. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can design a virtual assistant to handle tasks such as replacing FAQ pages or driving leads by offering discount codes.


Chatfuel’s AI excels at interpreting user inputs, even those with misspellings or non-grammatical responses. As an official Meta (formerly Facebook) partner, Chatfuel ensures top-notch AI performance.


7. (Optimizing Digital Advertising) transforms digital advertising by optimizing and personalizing ad content across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, and Bing. Albert uses "data-powered creativity" to free up human creatives for more meaningful work. It acts as a testing ground for ad campaigns, identifying new opportunities and demographics. 

albert.png has delivered impressive results for brands like Crabtree & Evelyn, Telenor, and Harley Davidson, with significant increases in site traffic and leads.


8. Browse AI (Scraping Web Pages) 
Browse AI automates competitive intelligence (CI) by scraping data from competitor websites. This tool helps you gather information on trends, pricing strategies, reviews, and product launches. 


Browse AI can be trained to collect specific data and automatically populate spreadsheets, mimicking human behavior to bypass bot-detection systems. It is trusted by over 2,500 companies, including Adobe, Amazon, Salesforce, and HubSpot.


9.'s AI Sales Email Assistant (Automating Email Responses)'s AI Sales Email Assistant streamlines email marketing by automating responses and constructing email campaigns. 


This tool enhances sales engagement by applying AI-powered response scoring to identify promising leads. With CRM integrations and predictive analytics, helps track campaign progress and optimize email marketing efforts.


10. Brand24 (Monitoring Media Mentions) 
Brand24 aggregates online mentions of your brand from news sites, social media, blogs, forums, and videos. It uses sentiment analysis to assess the tone of these mentions, helping you respond to criticism and address customer support issues quickly. 


Brand24 also features hashtag trend-spotting and robust customer support, making it an invaluable tool for monitoring brand reputation. Clients include Uber, Stanford University, and Intel.


11. PhotoRoom (Removing Image Backgrounds) 
PhotoRoom is a free tool that removes backgrounds from photos, isolating the subject on a transparent background. 


This AI-powered tool is ideal for creating team pages or avatars quickly and efficiently. PhotoRoom offers a premium batch version and a mobile app for added convenience.


12. Influencity (Managing Influencer Marketing) 
Influencity supports influencer marketing by helping brands find and collaborate with influencers across all major social media platforms. 


It provides comprehensive statistics and scalability for multiple brands, making it a valuable solution for agencies. Influencity’s clients include WPP, Kellogg’s, and Samsung.


The AI-powered marketing will always stay; 
Given the many facilities and benefits that AI algorithms can provide like scalability, reach, efficiency, cost savings, decision making, analytics, customer experience, and many more; Clearly we are at the dawn of AI technology revolution. Marketers have much more amazing and exciting tools at their fingertips than ever before, allowing the smallest startup and new joint companies in industry to compete for global success alongside the most established and popular brands.

Above tools have freemium versions available too, so don't leave it without a try and be open-minded. Who knows may be they become your best buddy for future marketing efforts and practices for your businesses.

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