In March 2020, React Native 0.62, the latest version, was released. The recent React Native update has completely shaken earlier versions of React Native. The current version of React Native introduces more features than React Native 0.61, which was focused on bug fixes and fast refresh. You can inspect the component's state and properties in the most recent version of the development tool. Shortly, it's an excellent tool for developing and debugging. React Web is similar to it. Here, there are two tabs: Components and State/Props. The Components tab allows you to inspect the components tree and attachments with the state/props in real-time. In addition, there is a profiler tab that identifies performance issues, such as over-rendering. Databases and preferences for devices can be viewed and edited. You can use this to view data in your Async storage and embedded SQLite database. In the latest version of React, a new appearance module has been added. It lets you check your target audience's preferred color scheme by integrating a "dark mode".

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