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Candorium offers a meticulously formatted business news experience tailored for your mobile device, ensuring you stay informed on the go. 



Rich Editorial Coverage: Immerse yourself in our rich and in-depth editorial coverage, designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the world of business, all from the convenience of your phone. 

  • All-encompassing content: Explore the latest news, analysis, opinions, and engaging videos spanning across every category that Candorium covers, allowing you to access a diverse range of business-related content. 
  • Optimized Text View: Our mobile app presents news content in an optimized text view, enhancing the clarity and readability of articles, and delivering a superior and more enjoyable reading experience. 

Key Core Features: 

Latest Business News: Stay at the forefront of business developments with timely updates on the latest news from the global business landscape. 

Diverse Category Coverage (ESGIR): Candorium extends its coverage across various categories, encapsulating “Environment, Social responsibility, Governance, Investment, and Recovery,” offering a comprehensive perspective on critical business areas. 

Bookmark Functionality: Effortlessly save articles for later reading, ensuring you never miss out on essential insights and news reports. 


Technology: Flutter, Firebase, Push notification, Bloc pattern 

Experience a refined and convenient way to stay updated with the dynamic world of business. 


Download the Application from: here 

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