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HOWZIT is an advanced AI-powered messenger that goes beyond traditional text-based communication. Our versatile platform allows users to seamlessly text, share media, translate texts, manage social events, and post media content.  


Here’s a closer look at the remarkable features that set HOWZIT apart: 

1. Emotion Detection in Chats: Experience chatting like never before! Express a wide range of emotions – from happiness and sadness to anger, disgust, fear, and surprise – directly within the app, thanks to our cutting-edge AI algorithm. 

2. Audio Images: Elevate your image-sharing experience by adding a personal touch. Record voice-overs for your images, making them more engaging and personalized. 

3. Instant Chat Translation: Break down language barriers with instant chat translation, ensuring smooth communication with friends and contacts from around the world. 

4. Auto Switch DP: Seamlessly manage your profile pictures with the ability to save up to 7 different images. Watch as your profile picture automatically rotates every day you open HOWZIT. 

5. Privacy Controls: Take charge of your privacy settings. Control who can view your online/last seen status and read receipts, ensuring a secure and personalized messaging experience. 

6. Groups: Stay connected with friends, family, or colleagues through private groups. Easily broadcast messages and updates within your trusted circles. 

7. Media Sharing: Share photos, videos, and files effortlessly with friends and family, whether it’s one-on-one or within group chats. Strengthen your connections by exchanging visual and multimedia content. 

8. Share Ecards: Personalize your greetings with amazing e-cards for friends and family. Want to add a unique touch? Record and send audio messages for truly heartfelt communications. 




Android, Kotlin, Room Database, MVVM architecture 

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